My first experience with a camera was playing around with my Dad's Polaroid I found in a closet when I was a kid. I couldn't be separated from my first camera I got for Christmas when I was thirteen.

My interest lead me to a career as a Public Affairs Officer in the United States Coast Guard where I worked as a writer, photographer, news journalist. While in the Coast Guard I was able to work in Alaska, the Bering Sea and entire East Coast.

I worked on projects with Animal Planet, Discovery and History Channel and Universal Studios such as "The Deadliest Catch, "Coast Guard Alaska" and the Motion Picture "The Guardian" starring Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher. 


Being a photojournalist in the military allowed me to photograph life in many unique situations. I learned to become a versatile photographer since my images were the key and sometimes only tool of telling the Coast Guard's story. My expertise is delivering my client's photographic needs. Contact me with your inquiries and pricing for my services.  


Christopher D. McLaughlin







Christopher D. McLaughlin 

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